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Modern websites rarely work in isolation, instead often relying upon the data, capabilities, storage capacity, and even computational power of third parties in order to create new and unique services. Websites such as Walk Jog Run (www.walkjogrun.net) and Woozor (www.woozor.com) are obvious examples of this practice, relying notably on the Google Maps API and other third-party data sources to produce compelling online tools. Millions of other websites similarly depend upon third parties. Sometimes this reliance isn’t always so obvious, as when sites use Amazon’s Cloud Front service to host website images and other static files. Still others use these third-party services to seamlessly calculate shipping costs (see the United States Postal Service address and shipping tools at www.usps. com/webtools) and fulfill orders (see Amazon FWS at http://aws.amazon.com/fws).


Shipping Harness 


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