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Metaprogramming is everywhere in the DLR. All the LINQ Expression examples you saw in Chapter 2 and all the DLR Hosting API examples you saw in Chapter 6 are metaprograms. Because metaprogramming plays such a pervasive role in the DLR, we’re going to dive deeper into the subject and show you some advanced and marvelous uses of metaprogramming. We will begin with an overview of metaprogramming. The overview will discuss what metaprogramming is and where it is used in the DLR, then we’ll look at one type of metaprogramming that adds and removes methods or properties to or from a class or an instance of a class. We will illustrate the metaprogramming technique in Ruby and Python, then write some infrastructure code that enables us to use the same kind of metaprogramming technique in C# through the DLR. The infrastructure code will consist of two classes called ClassMetaObject and ExpandoClass.


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