If you are a presentation layer developer or designer, we do not need to tell you how important controls can be in building quality user interfaces efficiently with a modular approach. To that end, any good UI development framework comes with a comprehensive library of controls, and Silverlight is no exception. From basic controls like Button, RadioButton, and CheckBox to more advanced controls like Calendar and DataGrid, Silverlight offers a fairly wide set to choose from. Most of the Silverlight controls distributed as a part of the core runtime are found in the System. Windows. Controls and System.Windows.Controls.Primitives namespaces in the System. Windows assembly. Additional controls are distributed as a part of the Silverlight SDK and are found in the System.Windows.Controls.dll and System. Windows. Controls. Data. dll assemblies. The core runtime control assembly is added to all Silverlight projects created using Visual Studio, with references to the other two assemblies and appropriate namespace mappings for XAML usage added as necessary.


Visual State Dependency Property Custom Control Control Template Event Handler 
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