A Quick Tour of Silverlight 4 Development


This is a recipes book, which means it is prescriptive, targeting specific scenarios that developers are likely to encounter. You don’t have to read the chapters in order, though we did put some thought into chapter organization for readers who want to proceed that way. The Silverlight product team has been on a tear, shipping the fourth version in about two years, adding amazing new features sure to please developers and designers alike with each new version. Still, some developers and designers may be relatively new to Silverlight, and if you’re among those folks, this chapter may be essential to help you get started. Otherwise, it’s likely to be a helpful review. The recipe format follows this outline:
  • Title: Description of the recipe

  • Problem: The challenge that the recipe solves

  • Solution: A short description of the approach

  • How It Works: Detailed explanation of the approach

  • The Code: An implementation of the described approach to solve the problem


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