Timed Storyboards: Creating a Newton Cradle Application

  • Victor Gaudioso


You can use Storyboards to create all types of interactions with your user. For example, recently I made an information dropdown for a client. The dropdown had a paragraph or two of information, but the client didn’t want all the information to be displayed unless the user was interested in reading it. So we decided to put in a More Information button that when clicked would turn the snippet of information into the full paragraphs. Further, the dropdown itself had to grow in size to be able to fit all of the new information. To do this I created two Storyboards, one named ShowMoreInfoSB (SB standing for Storyboard) and ShowLessInfoSB. In the ShowMoreInfoSB Storyboard I made the TextBlock containing the information grow to show all of its text and made the dropdown background longer so the information would not extend pass the dropdown. I did the opposite for the ShowLessInfoSB. When the More Information button was clicked, I toggled between firing off one of the two Storyboards. The control worked as designed, and I had a very happy client.


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