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If you’ve ever watched any homemade movies, this scenario might be familiar: Uncle Ned presses play on the DVD player. The video immediately displays a large group of people standing around in what appears to be a large building. The sound is horrible because the video recorder’s microphone is picking up on hundreds of conversations. The scene jumps to a close-up of a very old book. (Uncle Ned pauses the video and tells you, “This is our visit to the Sistine Chapel.”) After a few seconds the video jumps to Aunt Matilda standing next to a group of ladies you don’t recognize. The scene changes quickly to show the ceiling of the chapel. The scene changes again to show a few quick close-ups of various historic and valuable artifacts that you’re not familiar with, and then changes quickly again to show you five or six quick scenes of various walls and displays around the chapel.


Animation Figure Entire Video Fill Versus Diagonal Category Keyhole Pattern 
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