Intelligent Cross-Selling

  • Jim McGaw


Our ability to communicate effectively hinges on our ability, as a species, to recognize patterns. In verbal communication, our brains are interpreting auditory signals and breaking them down into patterns that allow us to decipher the message being conveyed by the speaker. It’s interesting to contemplate the exact origin of human speech. It may have been a caveman who noticed a large saber-toothed cat sneaking up on his fellow caveman brother from a distance, and felt the need to yelp aloud about the impending cat-attack to warn him. We make little chicken scratches on pieces of paper and other people are able to read these chicken scratches because they’re able to recognize patterns in the writing. Unless, of course, you’re dealing with a prescription from a doctor, in which case you need an advanced Pharmacy degree in order to determine exactly what the heck to the doctor wrote on that little piece of paper.


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