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In production projects, you will almost certainly have one of more servers that you will use to service client requests for your website. These servers may be owned and operated by you or your infrastructure team or by a third-party hosting company. Either way, there comes a time when the coding and testing is complete and it is time to publish your work to the world, and you do that by deploying your website. In this chapter, we’ll walk you through the different deployment options. The basic premise for all the options is the same, though. You have a completed website on your development workstation that you want to deploy to a server in order that it is available to clients. For ASP.NET, the server in this scenario is Internet Information Services (IIS), and the current version is IIS 7. IIS started out as a basic web server when it was first released. Over the years, IIS has evolved into a sophisticated application server with a wide range of features, key among them being support for hosting ASP.NET applications.


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