How Can My Website be Improved?

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If you’ve produced a website while working through this book, you should, at this stage, have something that looks and works great. The intention has been to equip you with skills that every designer from novice to professional should take into account when building websites, from the planning and content writing in early chapters, which help you focus your site’s aim, to the chapters on building and debugging your designs using HTML, CSS, and to a basic extent, scripting to actually put the plan into action. Of course, while many people make the mistake of thinking the story ends once your site is up, there are still some useful ways you can help to increase the chances your website will get noticed and perform in such a way that anyone who does come across your website will be more likely to return. In the next chapter, we shall address the issue of getting people on your website in the first place through marketing and search engine optimization, but for the moment, we need to focus on some of the improvements you can make to your code and design to help more people take advantage of your website, including making your website accessible to enriching the overall user experience.


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