What If Something Goes Wrong?

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It’s an unfortunate fact that when you’re creating a technical and precise object like a website, things can go wrong. Your issue could just be a simple case of spelling an element name wrong, or it might be something more complex, like conflicting CSS styles. Those bugs can be annoying, but they’re quite easy to find and fix with a bit of patience and practice. What’s more annoying is that you’ll come across events when your website won’t work through no fault of your own. The error might be not with your code but in the way that different web browsers interpret that code. Recognizing these problem areas and being able to fix the bugs browsers throw at you is one of the key skills of a modern web developer and will be the focus of this chapter. At this stage in this book, you’ve had fun playing with CSS and have a reasonably good-looking website. However, if you find your design isn’t working the way you wanted or that some element is not doing as it is told in a web browser, this chapter may well be the lifesaver you have been looking for! We will take a look at the problems both web browsers and developers face with the Web and how to go about resolving any issues as they occur.


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