How Can I Style My Website?

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You have a basic website that should have some good content and links to other pages you have produced, but your site remains fairly bland and basic at this point. And it’s true that your site won’t get much attention if it continues to look the way it does at the moment. So it’s time we added some style and beauty to your design. Leaving the style of your site until now will help you separate your structure and style more clearly because now you can see and layer everything effectively. When you have the style handled externally, you can just tweak everything to your heart’s content, until you’re happy with the results. With this in mind, you should look through your ideas pad and any prototypes or other useful materials you might have generated, such as screenshots of things you found inspiring during your research, and then proceed to turn those ideas into something unique and worthy of showing off to the world! After all, a usable and well-designed site keeps visitors coming back.


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