Azure .NET Services—Access Control


Azure .NET Services contains a collection of three services: .NET Service Bus, .NET Workflow Service, and .NET Access Control Service. .NET Access Control Service is the core service, which provides the endpoint registration and access rules services for not only the other two..NET services of the service collection set but also SQL Azure (an additional cloud-based services of the service service family, which is covered in Chapter 8), to access the cloud. To submit any application to the cloud you must go through the .NET Service Bus, and the .NET Service Bus relies on the .NET Access Bus, the partner service of the Access Control Service, significantly simplifies the communication between applications and their clients. With .NET Serice Bus, an application no longer needs to resolve the endpoint IP address from organizations. Instead it uses the IP address provided by the .NET Service Bus. At the time of this writing you cannot yet intuitively manage the registered endpoint address from .NET Access Control Service, meaning that you have no direct access to modify the low-level data of .NET Access Control Service yet.


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