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An application, either on-premises or cloud-based, should use a kind of storage. For on-premises applications, the storage can be either local or remote. Storage on the cloud platform comes in a different style. It is hard to require a development team or an organization to provide generic, reusable data schemas for remote storage. The following list contains some items to pay attention to when switching from traditional relational data structure design to cloud table storage.
  • The data structure for cloud remote storage should be as simple as possible. The data model exposed to the outside world must be straightforward. The objects generally should be a set of binary bytes stored as buckets in clouds. Applications create, read, and delete objects in buckets. If an object needs to be updated, delete it and replace it with an object with updated values. This is how the cloud platform service changed to meet the Internet’s scalability requirements. The simpler the data structure, the better the performance will be for multiple Internet instances to access cloud data storage concurrently. Since storage in the remote cloud is so cheap, for an organization to scale up will be not an issue at all. The organization needs to simply increase the instance number from the configuration file.

  • You should be aware when migrating from on-premises storage to the cloud platform that if you have a relational data structure, then you will be responsible for managing the constraints between the data storage entities, because the cloud storage tables are not relational. This may be a challenge and the price you have to pay for using cloud storage. This is a new topic that .NET developers to have to face.


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