Creating Users and Contacts

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In the previous chapter, you saw the role that the Media Manager plays in managing images in the articles, banners, and other contents of your website. You also saw how to create a category and clients for the banners. Finally, you created the banner for a specific client and used the Banners module to activate it. In this chapter, you’ll create different types of users for your website. Users for a website can be of various types. One type comprises general visitors to your website; they can generally only view the content of your site, and don’t have permission to edit information or upload their own content. Another type of user can contribute to your website by writing articles, but cannot edit existing content. There may also be users who cannot only contribute articles, but can edit and even publish them on your website. So, you will see how these different types of users can be created for your Joomla website, and what rights each has. You’ll also create a contact form and allow visitors to your website to contact the authorized person in a selected department to get desired information. Contact forms are the forms you usually see when you selected department to get desired information. Contact forms are the forms you usually see when you select theContact Us link on any website—blank forms with text boxes for you to enter your query and submit it. The information typed by the visitors in these contact forms is e-mailed to the concerned person or department (which I will be referring to from now onward as the contact). If the contact is a department, then it will be linked with a person who is authorized to receive information on behalf of the department and can take necessary action. In this chapter, you’ll learn about the following:
  • The User Manager

  • Different types of user groups

  • How to create users

  • How to create a Contact category

  • How to create contacts

  • How to create menu items to link to contacts


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