Getting Up and Running with Zoho

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Before you create your Zoho account, let’s take a minute to examine what Zoho is. The invention of the internet is no doubt one of the biggest achievements of the century. Our life today, although we usually take it for granted, looks like sci-fi movies, thanks to living in a cyberworld where every piece of information is just one click away. Any information you need is available in your pocket via mobile devices. You can do your shopping, read e-mails, check the markets, run your company, and play 3D games while commuting to work or yawning in a boring meeting! The internet has gone through a dramatic change in regard to speed and also its underlying technologies in the last 20 years. It was not long ago that we were sending 20KB files using 8Kbps modems; now we take it for granted that you can check your friends’ profiles on your iPhone over a 3G connection (300+ Kbps).


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