Rendering is the process of making an image from information in the 3D view, compositor, and/or sequencer, alone or in combination with each other. If you are using 3D view in your final image, Blender takes all the computer-generated elements in a scene, computes their colors, and blends them together to make an image. When you ask Blender to render a scene, based on the options you choose, a render pipeline of rendering functions come into play to compute the image and spin off any render passes you have requested. Those passes are made available for use in the compositor. That scene output may be merged with other images in the compositor and/or sequencer into a final output that you see. Finally, all of that is saved in a format that you specify, possibly in a container file, using compression options you choose in order to save space.


Image Texture Random Access Memory Motion Blur Frame Sequence Audio Track 
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