Brian Greenstone’s Jedi Master List for Game Optimization

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I started programming video games in the early 1980s, a time when processing capabilities were incredibly limited, so game programmers like myself had to become experts in the art of code optimization. My old Apple ][+ had a whopping 64KB of RAM and a blazing 1-MHz, 3-bit CPU, so, needless to say, every byte of memory and every CPU cycle counted. Cutting just one instruction out: of a sprite’s drawing loop would make the difference between a game being playable and not being playable; therefore, a great deal of attention was paid to every single line of assembly code written. As CPUs evolved into the multicore, multigigahertz beasts that they are today, the need to eliminate every single unnecessary cycle became a thing of the past but the iPhone is not a multicore, multigigahertz monster, so the need to focus on low-level optimizations has once again become a critical part of the development process.


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