With web services support in WAS, we really have two subsystems to consider instead of one, as in other areas. The JAX-RPC standard support initially specified in J2EE 1.4 and shipped in WAS 6.x is provided in one subsystem, for which the WAS 7 implementation raises the JAX-RPC compatibility level to version 1.2. The other subsystem is the implementor of the JAX-WS standard from Java EE 5; the support is provided by a wrapper component that makes use of the open source Apache Axis2 core engine for JAX-WS and the Apache Sandesha2 module to add WS-Reliable Messaging support to the engine. Web services is a big subject, with a core SOAP/HTTP standard on which a number of other standards build, but for the purposes of this book we will concentrate on only the core itself.


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