Application Instrumentation and End-to-End Tracing

  • Norbert Debes


The Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide 10g Release 2 and the Oracle Call Interface Programmer’s Guide 10g Release 2 describe a feature called end-to-end application tracing. The Oracle Database JDBC Developer’s Guide and Reference 10g Release 2 documents end-toend metrics support in JDBC. The Oracle Database Concepts 10g Release 2 manual presents a feature called end-to-end monitoring. These three terms refer to the same set of tracing, monitoring, and application instrumentation features. The feature set is implemented with three application programming interfaces (OCI, PL/SQL, Java/JDBC), dictionary views, V$ dynamic performance views, and SQL trace. Instrumentation is leveraged by the Active Workload Repository, Active Session History, Statspack, Enterprise Manager, the database resource manager, and the TRCSESS utility. The undocumented aspects surrounding this set of features are so numerous that I refrain from listing them all.1 For example, it is undocumented that a shared server process does not re-emit instrumentation entries to SQL trace files as it services different sessions. This may lead to incorrect results when a shared server process’ SQL trace file, which contains several sessions, is processed with TRCSESS.


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