Introducing Web Development with Ext JS


In this chapter, we’ll begin our journey into the world of Ext JS by taking a step back and looking at the evolution of web application development. In fact, we’ll take a step even further back than that and look at what the term “web application” means in the first place (hint: it may not be quite as obvious as it first seems!). We’ll deal with what the term “rich Internet application” (RIA) is all about, and we’ll talk briefly about Ajax (what it used to mean and what it means now) and why it’s such an important development. We’ll even look at some options for developing RIAs other than Ext JS, but before long we’ll dive right into the real red meat1, as the political pundits say: Ext JS itself! We’ll see what it has to offer and how it’s structured, learn a bit about its history and philosophy, and then get started with the basics of using it.


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