Integrating with BizTalk Server


BizTalk RFID and BizTalk Server are applications completely separate from one another. Because of this, integrating with the core BizTalk Server engine (including the MessageBox, ports, orchestrations, and other components) from BizTalk RFID is similar to integrating with any other external system or application. There is generally a handoff that must occur between the two—due to BizTalk Server’s adapter framework, there are a large variety of messaging protocols available, including File, FTP, SQL, and WCF. Though similar to other integration efforts, there are a number of aspects to integrating between BizTalk Server and BizTalk RFID that are extremely easy to implement, especially when it comes to formatting data in XML and working with the Business Rules Engine (BRE). The primary topics covered in this chapter are as follows:
  • Publishing data to BizTalk Server using MSMQ

  • Publishing data to BizTalk Server using SQL Server

  • Calling the BRE

  • Calling a BizTalk RFID Web Service Proxy


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