Introduction to OSGi


OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative) is a technology for building dynamic and modular systems in Java. OSGi is one of the core technologies underlying the dm Server. Therefore, before you start learning about the dm Server, you have to understand the concepts, mechanisms, and uses of OSGi. In this chapter, you will learn about the OSGi basics that are prerequisite to working with the dm Server. This chapter covers the following topics:
  • Why you need OSGi for building modular systems

  • Introducing the OSGi technology, OSGi bundles, and OSGi containers

  • Developing OSGi bundles using Eclipse

  • Starting the Equinox OSGi container and deploying OSGi bundles

  • Versioning packages in OSGi bundles

  • Developing OSGi services and using them across bundles


Export Service Open Service Gateway Initiative Service Tracker Public Void State Bundle 
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