Handling Checkbox Groups, Searches, and Dates


The previous three chapters have covered the basic knowledge you need to work with a database: inserting records, updating them, and deleting them. Where you go now depends on your needs and your willingness to learn more about SQL and PHP. The reason both are so powerful lies in their flexibility. I’m constantly finding new ways of handling situations that previously puzzled me. The key to doing this lies not only in learning the features available in both languages but also in thinking about issues using the same conditional logic as PHP. As human beings we make decisions instinctively. Computers need to go through a lengthier process of making comparisons—at least, it seems lengthier to us as developers. It takes us far longer to type the code than it takes the computer to execute it. I find that, rather than beginning by writing code, it’s often more productive to sketch how I think something will work by writing a series of comments. Once the logic is there, the code comes much more easily.


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