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It’s not uncommon for users of office suites to work primarily in a single application. If this describes you, we’d like to encourage you to experiment, play, and find new ways to create better documents or to improve your efficiency by exploring other parts of the software. Working inside a single office suite makes this easy, for a number of reasons. Firstly, a common core means that it’s possible to take some text, a table, or a drawing from one part of the package and insert it in another. This also makes it possible to create a range of documents, such as presentations, invoices, flyers, and letterheads, that use a common theme, color palette, and design, knowing that each application will treat this information in the same way. Secondly, the common toolset means that if you’ve edited table borders in Writer, you can do the same thing in Impress, giving users a head start on an unfamiliar application before they’ve even booted up. And finally, using means that you could say to your colleagues: “I’m working on a document in Writer and I need to share it with you. You can open it in Word, or, if you don’t want to spend a couple of hundred bucks, pounds, or euros, go to and download your own copy of the software.”


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