Stored Subprograms (Procedures, Functions, and Packages)

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T he universal concept of a PL/SQL program is that the PL/SQL block could be one of three types: an anonymous block, a labeled block, or a named block. The PL/SQL block is quite handy in coding PL/SQL programs tailored toward a specific function and employing other PL/SQL programming constructs. However, it has a disadvantage: You can’t store it in the database like you can a table. If you need to share a block within another application, then you must rewrite it for that specific application. How easy and efficient would it be if the code were shareable? PL/SQL provides you with a mechanism, the stored subprogram, that permits you to share code between applications. A stored subprogram has the major advantage of being stored in the database and it’s therefore shareable.


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