Floating in Java

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The introduction of Java in the database opened a more viable alternative to PL/SQL for implementing business logic. Java in the Oracle database server was first introduced in Oracle8i by means of an Oracle Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tightly integrated into the database server. This enabled database access using Java as a database language. Oracle provided three ways to access the database using Java: Java stored procedures, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and SQLJ. Of these, Java stored procedures enabled Java code to be executed within the Oracle database. Specifically, a Java stored procedure is a Java class compiled and resolved that’s stored in the database and executed from there. The Java class could implement data-intensive application logic in Java. The second and third ways of accessing the database using Java, JDBC and SQLJ, allowed Java applications outside of the database to access the database by means of an open API. Oracle9i went a step further and enhanced the capability of Java stored procedures.


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