Testing with the Windows Registry

  • Mary Romero Sweeney


At one point or another, all testers find themselves investigating the Window’s System Registry; it’s a valuable place for viewing application installation settings, options, and statistics. It tracks settings for every application on your machine. On network computers, it tracks the settings for every user. Now that you are a programmer in Visual Basic, your applications are now subject to it also. In this chapter, I introduce the Registry and explore how to access it and put it to use in testing. In this chapter we’ll look at some new functions for retrieving information from a special Registry key reserved for use only by Visual Basic applications. These new functions are very useful when testing Visual Basic applications yet they only allow us into a small part of the Registry dedicated to Visual Basic. So we’ll return to the Registry again in Chapter 7 to see how to access any part of the Registry using the Windows API routines. Also in this chapter, we will continue our exploration of the Visual Basic language by introducing a new data structure, the array, and discuss how to introduce error handling into your code.


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