VB.NET: Brave New World

  • Mary Romero Sweeney


You just finished learning all about Visual Basic 6 and now here’s a chapter on the next version already. Hold on because VB.NET is much more than just a new version—it’s a whole new game altogether. Let’s deal with the question on everyone’s mind: why a new Visual Basic—what’s wrong with Visual Basic 6? Sure, we can all think of improvements to VB6 and the Visual Basic community has never been shy about suggestions for the next release. But VB.NET? There are those who claim that VB.NET is not VB at all but a whole new language that is, well, VBlike. I have to confess that I am a member of that group. That’s because Microsoft really didn’t take Visual Basic 6 as a base and modify it—it’s entirely new. Oh, yes, many of the same capabilities are there and it looks somewhat familiar but the underlying run time has changed. VB.NET is as close to Visual Basic 6 as the new VW Beetle is to the classic Beetle. They look a bit alike but we can all tell the difference right away.


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