Testing the Web with Visual Basic

  • Mary Romero Sweeney


The Web is a big place. Testing the Web is a big topic. You can’t and probably don’t even want to test everything you need to test on a Web site using Visual Basic. That’s because there are already many tools available, some of them free, for doing basic things such as checking that links work properly and for stress and load testing. The intent of this chapter is to show you some things you can use Visual Basic for in Web site testing. First, we will look at the three basic categories of Web pages and then we will examine some ways to test pages in those categories using Visual Basic. I will show you how to use the Internet Transfer control and the WebBrowser control to interrogate a Web site. I will also introduce you to VBScript so that you can use this subset of Visual Basic for testing as well. In the process, you will gain more understanding of the Web and acquire some Visual Basic code for accessing the Web.


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