A Lightning-Quick Introduction to VB.NET

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The .NET Framework is an environment for building, deploying, and running services and other applications. This environment is all about code reuse and specialization, multilanguage development, deployment, administration, and security. The .NET Framework will lead to a new generation of software that melds computing and communication in a way that allows the developer to create truly distributed applications that integrate and collaborate with other complementary services. In other words, you now have the opportunity to create Web services, such as search engines and mortgage calculators, that will help transform the Internet as we know it today. No longer will it be about individual Web sites or connected devices; it is now a question of computers and devices, such as handheld computers, wristwatches, and mobile phones, collaborating with each other and thus creating rich services. As an example, imagine calling a search engine to run a search and then displaying and manipulating the results of the search in your own application.


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