A Little Taste of Java

  • Jacquie Barker


If the first part of this book is supposed to be about general object concepts, then why are we starting out with a chapter on Java? Because we’ve found that seeing a sprinkling of code examples definitely helps to cement object concepts. But, objects are ‘language neutral’: what you’ll learn conceptually about objects in Part 1 of this book, and about object modeling in Part 2, could apply equally well to Java, or C++, or Ada, or Smalltalk, or an as-yet-to-be-invented object oriented (OO) language. So, we could have used language neutral pseudocode — a natural language way of expressing computer logic without worrying about the syntax of a specific language like Java — for all of our code ‘snippets’ in Parts land 2. This brings us back full circle to our initial question, why are we introducing Java syntax so soon?


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