Accessing Files and Other Data


In the last chapter, I showed you how to use the record store—the means of persistent data that is common to all MIDP implementations. Sometimes, though, what you really need is raw access to a file on the file system or access to data managed by integrated applications such as built-in contacts managers or date books. Not all devices support this access; those that do implement JSR 75, which defines an optional interface for accessing files on a local file system or personal information management (PIM) data such as that kept by a contacts manager, date book, or to-do program. An implementation supporting JSR 75 may support file system access, PIM data, or both. Moreover, although JSR 75 was developed originally for CLDC devices, it may be found on other Java ME platforms as well. Given its flexibility and growing ubiquity, it’s a good interface for you to be familiar with.


File System Access File Connector Class Record Store Public Void 
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