Building a Complete Application


Congratulations! We’ve completed our high-level tour of the basics of Rails applications. Over the course of the book so far you’ve learned how to use the following:
  • The Rails command line generators to create Rails projects as well as to build your models, controllers, and so on

  • ActiveRecord to connect your Rails application to your database

  • Rails migrations to define and build your database structure over time

  • ActiveRecord associations, named scopes, and custom methods to easily model complex relationships between your data structures

  • Embedded Ruby to insert dynamic content into HTML templates

  • Rails controllers to respond to your users’ requests, interact with your models, and select the appropriate view

  • The Rails routing system to build complex or friendly URL schemes for your application

  • Code generation capabilities such as plug-ins and scaffolding that are available to you to jumpstart your applications or quickly add complex features.


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