Particle Mayhem

Bring Out the Smashing!


Designing particle systems is probably one of the most exciting aspects of independent game development, yet it also happens to be an area where a lot of aspiring indie developers fall flat. This is another programmer art issue. While large teams with big budgets can rely on tools to better facilitate art direction for particle systems, independent developers must either work the entire thing out for themselves or try to collaborate with an artist to really nail the feel of it. Furthermore, many developers often take a side road and never come back once they hit particles. After building a basic system, it’s easy to get caught up in adding features to the particle system and creating an editor, because particles are just so pretty. If possible, get someone else to build the particle system for you and integrate it into the game, so that you have time to work on more pressing matters. However, this book is written with the one-person team in mind, so we’ll get it done.


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