Introducing Service Broker


This chapter will describe the Service Broker architecture, including the following components:
  • Conversations: In Service Broker programming, everything revolves around a conversation. I’ll explain exactly what a conversation is and what features it offers.

  • Anatomy of a service: The core concept behind a Service Broker application is a service. A service is composed of several elements, such as message types, contracts, a queue, and a service program.

  • Security: Service Broker is all about communication between services. It also provides several security models that you can apply to your Service Broker application.

  • Message processing: Service Broker exchanges messages between services. I’ll outline the steps you need to successfully send a message from one service to another, and I’ll explain reliable messaging.

  • Performance: Service Broker provides different performance benefits, including the transaction model and multiple queue readers.


Service Program Response Message Message Type Service Broker Target Service 
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