Creating Simple Providers

  • Rob Macdonald


A major constraint on the use of ADO is the availability of Providers. As long as we can get data from a Provider, ADO provides a programming model that is richer and easier to use than just about any data structure imaginable. However, there are many sources of data that would be amenable to ADO’s charm if only we had access to a Provider that could create Record-sets and Records from the data. Consider the following types of data, all of which have the tabular structure required to be held as a Recordset:
  • Subkeys and values of a Registry key

  • The NT Event Log

  • Type libraries

  • Processes currently running on your computer

  • Projects and files stored by SourceSafe

  • OLE DB Providers registered on your computer

  • All the data in your Personal Digital Assistant

  • TV listings

  • Sports results and statistics

  • Those mainframe files with the really useful data in a weird format

  • Those PC files with the really useful data in a weird format


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