What’s the DLL, Man?

  • Jonathan Morrison


I get a lot of technical questions from programmers from all around the world. The subjects of the questions vary broadly, but a lot of them are about the use of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) created in Visual Basic. There seems to be a lack of understanding about the differences between DLLs created in Visual Basic (ActiveX DLLs) and Windows DLLs that are created in languages such as C++ or COBOL. By Windows DLL, I am referring to a non-ActiveX DLL such as the WIN32 application programming interface (API) DLLs. In this chapter I discuss the differ­ences between these two types of DLLs, explain the technicalities of Windows DLLs, and provide a tutorial for building a Windows DLL in C++.


Application Programming Interface Calling Convention Visual Studio Word Rule Declare Statement 


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