When I happened across this quotation from Horace some time ago, I thought it so fittingly described the true essence of network security that I tucked it into the depths of my harddrive in hopes of being able to later use it. Of course, many of you are scratching your heads wondering what Horace, the ancient Roman poet, could possibly have to say that could be related to network security. In fact, network security is one of those subjects that spews forth a never-ending amount of information and is always changing to the tune of emerging technology. Thus, it is never what it used to be. You can never rely solely on what you already know about the subject, as it became most likely outdated the moment it hit the mainstream information market or is soon doomed to become so. The only way to feel the sense of being relatively secure in building reliable server-based applications is either to constantly stay abreast of the latest developments regarding the subject or to hire a reliable third party capable of effectively handling the problem for you.


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