A Brief Introduction to Database Access with VB .NET

  • Gary Cornell
  • Jonathan Morrison


This brief chapter is designed to orient you only; it is impossible in the space we have to even briefly survey, let alone discuss, all the power that VB .NET brings to database access. To go further with this important topic, we recommend Carsten Thomsen’s Database Programming with Visual Basic .NET (Apress, 2001. ISBN: 1-893115-29-1). We think Thomsen’s book is the natural continuation of this book—it is roughly the same length and written at about the same level. We also think it covers all the essential topics you will need to know about programming database access using VB .NET. Thomsen covers the advantages and disadvantages of using data-bound controls to access a database, which is an interesting topic that we do not have the space to address here. To see how to best combine classic ADO with ADO .NET, we recommend the second edition of Bill Vaughn’s ADO Examples and Best Practices (also from Apress) which should be available in early 2002.


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