Are any of the following items true about your current Web content development system?
  • You have a high dependency on paper.

  • Your system is labor intensive.

  • Frequently, many of your content components get lost or are delayed due to being temporarily misplaced.

  • When content gets returned for fixing, the only way to know what needs to be fixed is by interrupting the person who returned the content component and asking him what the problem was.

  • There is no way to track the status of your content components.

  • The only way to find out what someone has to work on next is by asking the people on staff who usually route content if they are finished.

  • Every staff member needs training about the rules of how content components are routed.

  • The process of creating content components is never done the same way twice.

  • Each new employee has a large learning curve to conquer before she can create a piece of content.

  • There is no way to keep track of how much it costs or how long it takes to build a content component.


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