The Empire

  • Christopher Duncan


Corporate culture divides more than it unites. The prevailing wisdom of businesses everywhere is that larger structures should be broken down into smaller ones and managed as groups. If you draw such an organizational chart, it looks very clean and efficient on paper. In fact, it is in just such a way that many companies are born—on paper. However, unbeknownst to those at the top, they’re creating more than just logical groups and divisions. Once an enterprise moves from the conceptual stage to a working reality in which people are hired and brought together, human nature comes into play and exerts a creative force of its own. From within the boundaries of business divisions and departments, ambitions and politics arise. They breathe life into organizational units, and these units begin to take on a personality all their own. No longer are they merely divisions of labor. As people bond from a common sense of purpose, these conceptual groups become very real. They become small villages or even nations unto themselves. They become tribes.


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