Object Protection and Security Measures

  • Garry Robinson


Protecting and securing the objects in your database are best handled by work-group (user-level) security or by converting the database into MDE format. To that end, I discuss and review these important topics in more detail in this chapter. As usual, Access’s flexibility means that there are more issues related to protecting objects that are worth exploring. Bearing these issues in mind, I have put together an eclectic mix of additional protection and security measures that will supplement or act as an alternative to workgroup security and the MDE database format. The material presented in the chapter will help you to
  • Review workgroup object permissions and create the developer workgroup file by demonstrating the User-Level Security wizard.

  • Hide links to other databases or files.

  • Secure the design of your queries.

  • Protect forms and reports from being opened in design mode in an unsecured database.

  • Show you how to use workgroup security with data access pages.

  • Discuss Access data project security.

  • Give more details on the MDE database format.


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