SQL Server CE Data Definition language

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The SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) specifies how to create, modify, and delete various database objects, including tables, views, privileges, indexes, triggers, and stored procedures. This specification generally assumes that all the functions performed by DDL are written in pure SQL. In the case of SQL Server CE, you’ll use a combination of pure SQL and ADO.NET method calls to perform all of your DDL tasks. Before attempting to work with SQL Server CE, you must set a reference to System.Data.SqlServerCe in Visual Studio. Even though you can use Query Analyzer to perform all your DDL tasks, this chapter will focus on doing these things programmatically. Throughout this chapter, I’ll provide examples in the form of fully functional code snippets along with the necessary Imports to make the code work properly. Feel free to create a Smart Device Application and type these code snippets into the click events of button controls if you like.


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