Using Oracle PL/SQL Packages

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Oracle supplies a large number of both PL/SQL and Java packages, and this chapter focuses on the PL/SQL packages that DBAs can use to extend database functionality. Oracle implements most of the special features of the database with these PL/SQL packages. The number of Oracle-supplied PL/SQL packages is growing with each version of the software, as the trend is clearly moving toward helping DBAs automate the database as much as possible. Several packages are available for you to use to manage database tasks. There are other packages that you need to use only occasionally to perform special tasks. This chapter will help you get familiar with the most important packages. They’re mostly easy to use, and they help you avoid reinventing the wheel by having to write code to perform the same tasks. Some specialized packages, such as UTL_FILE and UTL_SMTP, enable you to easily perform tasks such as reading operating system files or sending pages, without your having to write hardly any code.


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