Reporting for Palm Users

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Delivering reports to PDAs and other devices poses unique challenges to the developer. Your first problem is figuring out how and what to display on a small screen. Does your report delivery system have to be flexible enough to target multiple types of devices? Are the browsers compatible? How much memory do the devices have? Do they have color or monochrome displays? What kind of connectivity can you assume? As Palms legitimized the market for handheld devices, and as everyone from CEOs to field reps wanted to receive timely information on their device, developers have had to wrestle with problems such as these. In this chapter, we’ll look at devices powered by the Palm operating system. First we’ll examine Palm hardware and then software, including Web Clipping, which displays HTML pages. Finally, I’ll show how you can use this technology for report delivery. In the next chapter, we’ll look at delivering reports to Pocket PC devices.


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