You Probably Don’t Tune Right

… and perhaps you never will
  • Mogens Nørgaard


To me, the Oracle performance optimization research carried out by the likes of Anjo Kolk, Cary Millsap, and several others, over the last 15-20 years can be summed up in two sentences:
  • If you don’t know where the time is going on the session/job level, you cannot optimize. You’re reduced to guesswork. See Anjo Kolk’s “YAPP-Method” paper (Anjo tells the story behind YAPP in Chapter 4 of this book) and Cary Millsap’s “Oracle Operational Timing” paper, among others, for details. Also, of course, you should read Cary’s chapter in this book and buy Optimizing Oracle Performance (O’Reilly & Associates, ISBN 059600527X).

  • Control your batch load, and realize that many online jobs/sessions behave (and should be treated) as batch jobs. See Cary Millsap’s “Batch Queue Management and the Magic of ‘2’” paper.


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