Future SRS

  • Rodney Landrum
  • Walter J. VoytekII


In this book, we have examined many aspects of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services— but this is the just the beginning. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services (SRS 2000) is the first edition of the reporting application to be a strategic part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform. While SRS 2000 has many great features and is very impressive for a version “1.0” product, Microsoft has a lot of plans for the long-term future of SRS. In the near term, we can all look forward to the next version of SQL Reporting Services (SRS 2005) that will ship with SQL Server 2005. In this chapter, we are going to provide a broad overview of a number of the features that are planned for SRS 2005:
  • Tighter integration with SQL Server

  • Improved integration with SQL Analysis Services

  • More options for developers

  • End user ad hoc Report Writer


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