Planning a VB .NET or C# Project

  • John Erik Hansen
  • Carsten Thomsen


This chapter shows you how to plan a Visual Basic .NET or C# project. The information found in this chapter primarily consists of what you should do and in what order you should do it. You’ll find references to many of the other chapters in this book, which also means that this chapter is an overview chapter that binds the information in other chapters together. So, read this chapter as a TO-DO list, but remember that while this is how we most often start out planning our projects, we’re not methodology bigots. We don’t claim that this is an exhaustive list, nor do we mean to imply that you absolutely must follow all the instructions given for every project. You should go through this chapter with an open mind, taking notes, and then create your own project planning TO-DO list.


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    We would like to hear from you if you have suggestions for how the list might be improved.Google Scholar
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    Using four or five iterations is only a rule of thumb; there’s nothing stopping you from having fewer or more iterations.Google Scholar
  3. 3.
    Well, there’s also J#, but our view is that it’s nothing more than a marketing stunt from Microsoft, and that C# will have more support in the future.Google Scholar
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    Unit testing can be done on any kind of unit, but it’s widely recommended and accepted that a unit is a class.Google Scholar
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    Proper planning and good procedures in place can reduce defect handling to a minimum, but you can never avoid defects.Google Scholar
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    This is generally true for only client-based software.Google Scholar

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