Rounding Out Our Application, Part 1: Adding File Persistence

  • Jacquie Barker
  • Grant Palmer


In Chapter 14, we built our first version of the SRS as a command-line driven application that focused on the domain classes called out by our model: Person, Professor, Student, Course, Section, ScheduleOfClasses, Transcript, and TranscriptEntry. The Main method of the SRS driver class was written simply to instantiate objects of the various types and to put them through their paces, as a means of testing that we’ve implemented the logic of their methods correctly. But, the SRS application as written isn’t useful as an “industrial-strength” application yet because
  • It “hard codes” all of its objects/data.

  • It provides no means of saving the state of the objects from one invocation of the application to the next, a process known as persisting data.

  • Most “industrial-strength” information systems requiring significant user interaction rely on a graphical user interface (GUI) for such interaction.


Faculty Class Section Number Student Class ASCII File Static Void 
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