Reviewing Internet Programming

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In the last six chapters, you’ve learned how to use the eBay service via the eBay SDK, a framework that provides a traditional object-oriented metaphor for working with eBay concepts such as items, users, and their transactions. One of the eBay SDK’s great strengths is that it hides the notion of Internet programming, letting you concentrate on building your application and not on the minutia of making Internet requests of eBay servers and parsing the results. At times, however, it’s necessary to set aside the abstractions and see how things work. Perhaps you’re just curious about what goes on behind the curtain of the eBay SDK, or you’re looking to bring your eBay application to platforms such as Linux where the eBay SDK isn’t available. Regardless, you should understand the fundamentals of Internet programming, upon which the eBay API—the underpinning of the eBay SDK—is based.


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